How Do Dentists Seal Teeth?

how do dentists seal teeth

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. It’s a reflection of your personality and confidence. But behind every brilliant smile lies a diligent dentist in SW Calgary who ensures your teeth stay healthy and beautiful.

One standard procedure they perform to maintain your dental health is sealing teeth. Have you ever wondered what this entails? Let’s look at how dentists pack teeth and why it’s essential for oral health.

What is Teeth Sealing?

Teeth sealing, or dental sealants, is a preventive dental treatment designed to protect your teeth from decay or tooth cavity prevention. It involves applying a thin, plastic coating to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth, particularly the molars and premolars.

These teeth are most susceptible to cavities due to their uneven surfaces and deep grooves, making them difficult to clean thoroughly.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Preparation: Before sealing the teeth, the dentist thoroughly cleans and dries the teeth to ensure optimal sealant adhesion.
  2. Application of Sealant: Once the teeth are clean and dry, the dentist applies an acidic gel to the chewing surfaces. This gel helps roughen up the surface of the teeth, creating a better bond with the sealant.
  3. Rinsing and Drying: After the gel is rinsed off, the teeth are dried again before applying the sealant.
  4. Sealant Application: The dentist then carefully applies the liquid sealant to the grooves and fissures of the teeth. They may use a small brush or applicator to ensure the sealant covers all the necessary areas.
  5. Curing: A special curing light is used to harden the sealant and bond it to the tooth surface. This light activates chemicals in the sealant, causing it to harden within seconds.
  6. Final Evaluation: Once the sealant has been set, the dentist checks the bite to ensure it’s comfortable and makes any necessary adjustments.

Why Is Teeth Sealing Important?

  1. Prevention of Decay: Sealing teeth primarily aims to prevent cavities. By creating a barrier between the tooth surface and bacteria, sealants help reduce the risk of decay.
  2. Protection for Vulnerable Teeth: Molars and premolars have deep grooves and pits where food particles and bacteria can quickly accumulate. Sealing these surfaces makes them smoother and easier to clean, reducing the risk of decay.
  3. Cost-effective: Sealing teeth is a relatively inexpensive preventive measure compared to treating cavities and other dental problems. Avoiding costly dental procedures can save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Long-lasting Protection: With proper care and maintenance, dental sealants near you can last several years, providing ongoing protection against decay.

Who Can Benefit from Teeth Sealing?

  1. Children and Adolescents: Sealants are typically recommended for children and adolescents when their permanent molars and premolars erupt. It helps protect their teeth during the cavity-prone years of childhood and adolescence.
  2. Adults with Vulnerable Teeth: While sealants are often associated with children, adults with deep grooves or pits in their teeth can also benefit from sealing to prevent decay.
  3. Patients with a History of Cavities: If you’ve had cavities, sealing your teeth can help prevent future decay and preserve your dental health.

Maintaining Sealed Teeth

To ensure the longevity of dental sealants and maximize their effectiveness, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene practices:

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing: Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss daily to remove plaque and food particles.
  • Routine Dental Check-ups: Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups to monitor the condition of your sealants and overall oral health.
  • Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects: Refrain from biting on complex objects like ice cubes or candies, as this can chip or damage the sealants.


Sealing teeth is a simple yet effective preventive dental procedure that can help safeguard your oral health and preserve your smile for years. By creating a protective barrier against decay, dental sealants offer a cost-effective way to maintain healthy teeth and avoid the need for more extensive dental treatments down the road.

So, if you haven’t already, consider talking to your dentist about whether sealing your teeth suits you or your child. Your smile will thank you for it! Heritage Park Dental specializes in expertly performed tooth sealing procedures.

With precision and care, our skilled dentists ensure thorough protection against decay, preserving your smile’s health and radiance. Trust us to safeguard your teeth with our specialized sealing services. Your dental wellness is our priority.