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Root Canal Therapy in SW Calgary

Root Canal Therapy Near You

It is important to practice good oral hygiene to prevent oral health issues from arising. Tooth decay is a common oral health issue that is caused by poor oral hygiene. The plaque and tartar that accumulates on your teeth can turn into a cavity when left untreated. If a cavity is left untreated, it will begin to spread through your tooth to the roots and nerves. This can lead to a potential extraction. Our office offers root canal therapy in SW Calgary to preserve your natural tooth and prevent a potential extraction.
Root Canal Therapy in SW Calgary

Why is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Many people are very hesitant when it comes to a root canal. There are many conceptions that a root canal is extremely painful. However, it is very much the opposite! A root canal will eliminate your pain and improve your oral health. Your dentist in SW Calgary will examine your mouth and determine if you require a root canal. Typically, patients who require a root canal will experience pain and discomfort. There are some cases where a patient will feel no pain but require a root canal. Some common signs that indicate a need for a root canal include:
  • Pain radiating from the area
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Lingering pain
  • An abscess forming in the area
  • Discolouration on the tooth
If you notice any abnormalities in your mouth, it is important to contact your dentist immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely it will develop into a more serious issue.

The Process of Receiving a Root Canal

If you require a root canal, our dentist in SW Calgary will first numb your mouth using a local anesthetic to ensure you feel no pain during the procedure. A small hole will then be created to access and remove the decay. We will then thoroughly clean your tooth and seal it up. Typically, a dental crown is recommended after the procedure to provide your tooth with additional protection and strength. It is normal to feel some discomfort and sensitivity after a root canal. The pain should subside relatively quickly, and after a few days, you should be back to your regular routine. If you have any concerns or questions about receiving root canal therapy in SW Calgary, please feel free to contact us.